Juri Kuronen, Finnish 6 dan, Namii on KGS

Juri has been actively playing go since 2004 and currently holds the 6 dan rank. He has been teaching go in Nordic Go Academy since 2011 and on-and-off on KGS before.

Major offline teaching experiences include participating as a teacher in the Experience Go in China program in 2011 and in the Nordic Go Academy Summer Camps 2013 and 2014.

Some notable achievements at go tournaments: winning the Finnish Championship in 2014, 7th place in the 33rd World Amateur Go Championship (2012) and 11th place in the 57th European Go Congress (2013).

Juri is an avid follower of professional games. He likes to maintain a good playing form by participating in tournaments regularly. He emphasizes reading practice for improvement.


Sample review:
Sample #1 – English commentary
The sample is a ~4k vs 4k game from October 2013.