Su Yang, known as Jeff, Finnish 6 dan, Finnish8d on KGS

Jeff started to play go in 1988 in China at a go school while 8 years old. When he was 12, he reached the ranking of Chinese 5 dan. He started to teach go in China in 2000, and in the summer of 2005 started his career of teaching go in English.

He was a main teacher in Go’n'games China trips in 2005 and 2007, and has served as both an organizer and a main teacher in Experience Go in China from 2008-2011. As for KGS go teaching, he started teaching privately in early 2006; by now, hundreds of students have been under his tutelage. Constantly receiving good feedback from his students, Jeff has by now become one of the most famous teachers on KGS and in Europe.

At the moment, Jeff has around 10 students on KGS who take private lessons and offline reviews. If you’d like to know more about Jeff, check out his interview on GoSensations!


Sample reviews:
Sample #1 – English commentary
The sample is from our 1k-3k league June 2011.