Sign up for the Nordic Go Academy Summer Camp is open!

Nordic Go Academy Logo We are proud to announce that for the third year in a row we are holding the Nordic Go Academy Summer Camp in Espoo, Finland. It will be a wonderful week (from Friday 17th July to Friday 24th July) including lectures, games among participants, sightseeing in Helsinki and a lot of sauna time. The camp will take place (as the previous years) at the Luukki camping center. You can see pictures of the place as well as account of last year’s camp here: Summer Camp 2014.

The participation fee (full time) is 175€. You can come for less days, in this case you can contact us for a special price. The fee includes teaching, dorm accommodation and three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner.) In a standard day you’ll spend between 6 and 8 hours on scheduled go activities (lectures in the morning, tsumego throughout the day and games in the afternoon.) Also, there will be a open tournament on Thursday 23rd to gauge your improvement and have a good time with Finnish players that could not make it to the full camp.

You can find more details and sign up here.

Nordic Go Academy has a new teacher, Miao (aka Lukas Krämer 6d)

Lukas Kraemer

This is Miao (Lukas Krämer,) new teacher!

We are very happy to introduce you our new teacher, Miao. Of course, he is also known as Lukas Krämer (also written as Kraemer.) He is an EGF 6d, and current German Champion. He will start reviewing Nordic Go Academy games and giving NGA lectures soon. To let us know him a little better beforehand, we have asked him a few questions.

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