NGA discontinues the online league

It’s been 4 wonderful years, but we are sad to break these news: we are stopping the online league. The format had become too demanding for our teachers for the growth we had experienced. This past January we tried a new format which was supposed to address the issue, but it didn’t work as planned.

The NGA will still be offering review services, and some offline workshops in Finland. If you are interested in private lessons, both Antti and Jeff are offering them, you can contact them directly.

Let’s keep in touch, and be sure to let us know if you are around Finland!

NGA October Aftermath

NGA’s October program is already over! NGA November will be the last month with our current format. December is holiday month off, and from January on we will have a new format. Stay tuned for the changes!

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NGA August 2014 Aftermath

NGA’s August program is officially over. A slow month, as was to be expected with 18 participants, 3 of them new to the Nordic Go Academy. There are not that many things to report about August except for NGA results and the European Go Congress details: Lukas ended 21st (6 wins, 4 losses) and Juri ended 27th (also 6 wins and 4 losses.) Several NGA or former NGA members also took place in the congress and got quite good results. Congrats!
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NGA June 2014 Aftermath (yes, a little late, we know :D)

NGA’s June program is quite obviously finished, that month we had 20 participants. Of course, no longer June: we’ve had the Summer Camp (are you interested in going next year? Let us know!) and were pretty busy during the time (some teaching, some organising, some eating and taking saunas, some go activities too, sure :D ) And afterwards, European Go Congress in Sibiu, Romania.
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NGA April 2014 Aftermath

NGA’s April program has just finished, this time with 30 participants. Remember that the Nordic Go Academy Summer Camp 2014 is fast approaching: join soon before plane tickets raise prices! It’s the best way to prepare for the European Go Congress of this year (Sibiu, in Romania) or just enjoy some relaxing holidays with sauna, lake and lots of go.

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NGA March 2014 aftermath

NGA’s March has just finished, again beating the previous participation record. This month we had 33 participants, versus the previous record of 28 just the month before, February. You still have time to join for April and help us make it the largest month ever! The deadline for registration is Wednesday 9 April at 19:00 CEST.

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NGA January 2014 aftermath

NGA’s January program 2014 concluded a few weeks ago. While the month had been the biggest one so far for NGA, with its 25 participants, the record was actually immediately renewed in February to 28 participants!

January’s A tournament was won by goantti, 4 dan, and the B tournament by jnalanko, 3 kyu. The A tsumego competition’s first place went to Lauri, 4 dan, and the B tsumego competition’s first place to Kery, 6 kyu. Congratulations to all the winners!

Shown below are one sample each from the A and B tsumego packages. When you’ve given them some thought, you may check your answers from this sgf file! Additionally, as a bonus, here is a cleaned-up sample lecture file!

A class tsumegoB class tsumego