The New NGA Program

What follows is a TL;DR (a summary) of the new program. To read all the details check this PDF.

TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read)

The NGA program has served us well for the past 3 years. But, to put it in go terms, its shape was not efficient:

  • Scheduling games was sometimes tricky
  • Reviews required a lot of teacher work that only benefitted 1 or 2 students
  • Discussing reviews and lectures among participants was tricky

It was about time to play some sabaki and get something clean and efficient and this is why we are presenting the new program for this year. It is for now in “mild beta” so, some details may change during the first months.

From now on, the NGA program will be divided in 2-month seasons of 3 leagues (A league for high dan players, B league for low dan-low kyu players and C league for lower kyu players.) Of course, there will be league promotions and demotions to keep mobility and learning opportunities. Each league will have its own assigned teacher (tentatively A will get Antti, B will get Jeff and C will get Juri.)

Participants will play games (at most 2 with the same opponent) among their league partners and then common pitfalls found in the games will be discussed during lectures by the league teacher. There will be approximately 8 lectures per league, and participants are free to attend only their league lecture or all possible lectures.

Additionally, members can purchase review tokens to get full game reviews from league games, server games, tournament games or any other kind of game they have played. They can also win tokens as prizes from league promotions or by winning the season tsumego competition.

For people with very little time, there is a cheaper spectator option that gives access to all lectures and reviews.

This new program will give (among many others) as improvements:

  • Better personalisation (since teachers take care of the league)
  • Get a clearer picture of the errors to fix at the participant level
  • Freer pairing
  • A league system
  • More lightweight reviews and more to the point lectures