NGA September Aftermath

NGA’s September program is already over. Time sure flies! Most people are now back to school, jobs and obligations, and as such attending lectures and scheduling games gets harder… but is done nevertheless!

On the news side, the NGA will be among the sponsors in Brussels’ go tournament, adding a free month of NGA membership to the prize pool.

Here’s the match-up graph from September.

Remember, hover over the names: a green connection means the player won the matchup, a red connection means it was a loss. A blue connection means there were both wins and losses between the involved players.

September’s A tournament was won by GOvernor, and B tournament by Kurbads, meaning they get a discount for September’s NGA Program. Good work guys! The A level tsumego quiz was won by Gardan, whereas in the B tsumego quiz fujisai stomped competition. They both get a discount for their next participation in Academy.

Shown below are one sample each from the A (left) and B (right) tsumego packages from September (black to play). When you’ve given them some thought, you may check your answers from these SGF files: A solution, B solution.

NGA A class tsumego NGA B class tsumego