NGA August 2014 Aftermath

NGA’s August program is officially over. A slow month, as was to be expected with 18 participants, 3 of them new to the Nordic Go Academy. There are not that many things to report about August except for NGA results and the European Go Congress details: Lukas ended 21st (6 wins, 4 losses) and Juri ended 27th (also 6 wins and 4 losses.) Several NGA or former NGA members also took place in the congress and got quite good results. Congrats!

August was a total chill out NGA month, with people away on holidays, relaxing in beaches or saunas. Here’s the match-up graph from August.

Remember, hover over the names: a green connection means the player won the matchup, a red connection means it was a loss. A blue connection means there were both wins and losses between the involved players.

August’s A tournament was won by Ootakamoku, and B tournament by tygempanda, meaning they get a discount for September’s NGA Program. Good work guys! The A level tsumego quiz was won by GOvernor, whereas in the B tsumego quiz tygempanda placed well ahead of the competition. They both get a discount for their next participation in Academy.

Shown below are one sample each from the A (left) and B (right) tsumego packages from August (black to play). When you’ve given them some thought, you may check your answers from these SGF files: A solution, B solution.

NGA A class tsumego NGA B class tsumego