NGA June 2014 Aftermath (yes, a little late, we know :D)

NGA’s June program is quite obviously finished, that month we had 20 participants. Of course, no longer June: we’ve had the Summer Camp (are you interested in going next year? Let us know!) and were pretty busy during the time (some teaching, some organising, some eating and taking saunas, some go activities too, sure :D ) And afterwards, European Go Congress in Sibiu, Romania.

June was quite a relaxed NGA month, with people preparing for the Congress and Summer Camp. So, lots of people doing a lot of tsumegos, or doing non-go stuff to compensate for a very busy July!

Here you can find a minor addition for our recap posts: match-up graphs. Hover over the names: a green connection means the player won the matchup, a red connection means it was a loss. A blue connection means there were both wins and losses between the involved players.

June’s A tournament was won by Lucibel, and B tournament by Sennahoj, meaning they get a discount for August’s NGA Program. Congrats! The A level tsumego quiz was won by Veivi, whereas in the B tsumego quiz Sennahoj placed well ahead of the competition. They both get a discount for their next participation in Academy.

Shown below are one sample each from the A (left) and B (right) tsumego packages from June (black to play). When you’ve given them some thought, you may check your answers from these SGF files: A solution, B solution.

NGA A class tsumego NGA B class tsumego