NGA May 2014 Aftermath, Badges and Go Seigen’s birthday

NGA’s May program has just finished, this time with 22 participants. Remember that the Nordic Go Academy Summer Camp 2014 is almost here. There’s still time to register, so hurry up! It’s the best way to prepare for the European Go Congress of this year (Sibiu, in Romania) or just enjoy some relaxing holidays with sauna, lake and lots of go.

This last month we followed the first European Pro qualification tournament, won by Pavol Lisy. Congratulations to the first EGF Pro! Namii was there in the first two rounds, but sadly lost both games, coincidentally to two of the four remaining players for the second EGF pro spot (Ali Jabarin and Cornel Burzo.) Well, he can try again next year!

May’s A tournament was won by Lucibel, and B tournament by TygemPanda on his first try (congrats to both!) meaning they get a discount for June’s NGA Program. A level tsumego quiz was won by SharpEye for the third time in a row, whereas B tsumego was won by fujisai, closely followed by bhind, tygempanda and sanniti. They get a discount for their next participation in Academy.

Starting this month winners of the tournament and tsumego competition will get a badge of honour in their internal page. To know how the tsumego badge looks you’ll have to join and win the competition, but today is a special day and we are showing the badge for June:

Nordic Go Academy Tournament Winner badge, Go Seigen

Go Seigen, turned 100 years old today. Just a little homage to probably the best go player ever. The calligraphy for the tournament badges has been hand-drawn by Tien, then processed for a cleaner image. I guess you are curious for what’s in August, September… If you do, join now!

Shown below are one sample each from the A (left) and B (right) tsumego packages from May (black to play). When you’ve given them some thought, you may check your answers from these SGF files: A solution, B solution.

NGA A class tsumego NGA B class tsumego