NGA 2014 Summer Camp is Almost Here!

Nordic Go Academy Logo June is almost here, and this means that in less than two months our 2nd Nordic Go Academy Summer Camp will start. And you may think…

What’s so cool about this Summer Camp you are talking about?

Well, there are many interesting things about our camp. In no particular order:

  • Wide range of participants (from 4 dan all the way down to 10k, so far 23 participants from all over the world)
  • Very affordable (just 175€ if paid before June, 200€ if paid in June and 225€ if paid in July, hurry and sign up!)
  • It’s in Finland. If you hate roasting in Summer, it’s the perfect place to be
  • We’ll have a Korean 8p as a guest (Cho Mikyung,) she will give lectures and play games with camp participants
  • There are tsumego assignments (you are free to do them or not, 3 different levels to choose from) but the best “solver” gets a book as a prize
  • The teachers are good & experienced
  • There’s a side tournament on the last day to see how your go skills have improved

How is it organised?

This year’s camp is organised similarly to last year’s. The life of a student (from Sunday 14th July until Friday 18th July) is more or less:

  • Wake up at around 8-8:30 AM, take a walk, run or whatever. Eat breakfast until 9:30 AM, maybe with some game while sipping coffee. Or starting to solve the tsumego assignments already!
  • From 10:00 to 12:00 (with a small break,) lecture. Participants can choose between the elementary lecture (intended for the 4k area) and the advanced lecture (intended for the dan area,) subjects are known in advance and you can freely choose to go to advanced or elementary regardless of your level.

Simultaneous game with the Korean pro

  • After the lecture there’s a break… and you are very likely to keep working on your tsumego until 13:00, lunch time. Lunch (and supper) is of course included, with at least two options to choose from (to account for different diets and allergies.)
  • At 14:00 more or less you will get your afternoon game pairing, where you play a game with another camp member with (roughly) 30-45 minutes main time. This game is afterwards reviewed by one of the teachers. Games usually last until 17:00, and then you are totally free until 19:00 when supper is served.

Playing time!

  • During this break you can play with your camp mates (and not only go: there’s also a small soccer field, a volleyball field, table tennis and a lake,) keep working on your tsumego or, in general, do as you please.

The lake beside the sauna

  • At 19:00, supper time, and after supper you are again free to do as you wish, something that quite likely will include sauna sooner or later (last year each day was sauna day.)

The sauna!

  • And at some point before midnight the tsumego assignments have to be delivered.

On arrival day (Saturday 12th July) meals will be served and probably some teaching/pairings will be organised, but since logistics are hard on arrival day (picking people up at the airport, organising meals, etc) scheduling it beforehand is impossible. But don’t worry, you’ll get over your go fix pretty quick already.

On Saturday 19th July there’s an EGF Class B tournament with 4 rounds, MMS-1 handicap (or 6.5 komi) with some minor money prizes and books for 3 and 4 wins which will include outside participants. The best way to test your new knowledge!

Last year's sightseeing trip

On Wednesday 16th July (the specific date may change still) there will be a sightseeing trip to downtown Helsinki with some teachers, to get to know the city and its main sights. Afterwards, there’s the possibility of visiting the Helsinki University go club meeting at the Beer House Kaisla.

You can read about last year’s camp here and if you are interested, sign up here.