[ANN] 5th ASR Lecture on Mon 19th May

Advanced Study Room in KGSNext Monday (that is, May 19th) Antti Törmänen (Tien) will hold a free lecture in the Advanced Study Room in KGS. The time will be 1:00 AM UTC, you can check what this is in your local time by clicking here or adding the event from the activity calendar to your calendar.

The subject will be “Sabaki”. And, what is exactly this mythical and elusive beast? In words of our teacher,

Sabaki can be translated to flexible, efficient handling of a local situation where the opponent has stronger shape. It’s a term commonly used when handling invasions, from the viewpoint of the invading player. While attacking skills are important when trying to benefit from attacking the opponent, sabaki skills are important to get a benefit when being attacked by an opponent.

If you need more motivation to attend this lecture, heed the words of  Toshiro Kageyama:

…the enjoyment of watching the lone hero beat down a horde of enemy swordsmen never changed, no matter how often seen. It was just like watching one stone enter an enemy framework the moment before it became actual territory and stand the enemy stones that rushed to capture it on their heads.

Toshiro Kageyama, Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go

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