NGA March 2014 aftermath

NGA’s March has just finished, again beating the previous participation record. This month we had 33 participants, versus the previous record of 28 just the month before, February. You still have time to join for April and help us make it the largest month ever! The deadline for registration is Wednesday 9 April at 19:00 CEST.

This month will see some changes in NGA, in part motivated for Antti’s departure for Japan (stay tuned for a post talking about this), where he is retaking his insei training. The most visible of these changes is our new teacher, Lukas Krämer 6d.

March’s A tournament was won by Juippi, and B tournament by Sennahoj, meaning they get a discount for April’s NGA. The A level tsumego quiz was won by SharpEye with a clear lead, whereas in the B tsumego quiz Kery won against fierce competition. They also get a discount for April.

Shown below are one sample each from the A and B tsumego packages from March. When you’ve given them some thought, you may check your answers from this sgf file!

NGA A class tsumego NGA B class tsumego