9×9 Go Has Been Solved

Chicken playing 9x9 go: Nordic Go Academy

A team of researchers at the University of Brightloch have just announced this incredible result. After our surprise, we asked them how they did it. This is their answer:

Our methodology has been motivated by the recent improvements in computer play by Montecarlo algorithms. If a computer can play at random and play good games, what prevents a more powerful device (like a brain) to do something similar?

Thus we picked a team of 100000 chickens and taught them to play go. It was hard in the beginning, but once a few knew how to play they started teaching others. After a couple months all were playing as 30k players and we set them loose in a field filled with 9×9 go boards and bowls with stones. Also some grain and water.

A month later all chicken were gone, and the same position was repeated in all boards: perfect play for 9×9 go, white wins by 0.5 points with 7.5 komi. The chicken had also left a claw-written piece of paper saying

So long, and thanks for all the grain

If you are looking for a 9×9 go board to teach your chicken, cat or friends some go, check this one from GoGameGuru.com. And if you are looking to improve your go, join us!