NGA January 2014 aftermath

NGA’s January program 2014 concluded a few weeks ago. While the month had been the biggest one so far for NGA, with its 25 participants, the record was actually immediately renewed in February to 28 participants!

January’s A tournament was won by goantti, 4 dan, and the B tournament by jnalanko, 3 kyu. The A tsumego competition’s first place went to Lauri, 4 dan, and the B tsumego competition’s first place to Kery, 6 kyu. Congratulations to all the winners!

Shown below are one sample each from the A and B tsumego packages. When you’ve given them some thought, you may check your answers from this sgf file! Additionally, as a bonus, here is a cleaned-up sample lecture file!

A class tsumegoB class tsumego